How Much do Male Strippers Make?

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How much money do male strippers make?

Male strippers doing private booking can earn anywhere between $200  – $800 per night, with most bookings only being on the weekend. Usually 1 night, the Saturday night, is the most common night where most of the money is earnt.

What Do Stripper/Exotic Dancers Do?

Most of the male strippers I have known have had day jobs and stripping is something they do on the side.  Their income comes from three main sources:  base pay, lap dances and tips.  On average, male strippers make less than female strippers.  Is the work and time they have to put into a stripping career worth the amount of money they actually make?  Let’s find out.

How do male strippers make their money?

Most male strippers make their money from three sources:  base pay, tips and lap dances.  The base pay can vary in different markets. It can also vary if you have a large following who will go to the bar, pay the cover and buy drinks.

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