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Toted as an International Cover model Male Revue…When you visit their website and call them for tickets they claim that they have all the same dancers as the top show in NYC – Hunk-O-Mania…We wondered just how valid their claims were;  we were very disappointed that none of the dancers they advertise on their website were at the show for the exception of the MC and one of the dancers, who we later discovered after speaking to one of the massage boys, are the owners of the company who looked like they might actually have been really good looking perhaps 10 years ago but now, look a bit old and out of shape!

BLVD (tiny “Pink room” in the back) is where this show is performed … The first show we attended only had a skeleton crew of entertainers none of which are on the website, far from what we were told. Luckily the audience turn out was as dismal or there would have been even more disappointed ladies those evenings. If you decide to attend, never purchase tickets in advance, so if you are the only ones there you will not be stuck. Also make alternative plans just in case!

Tickets:  $25, $45 VIP.

Gossip – The grapevine tells us that Savage Men has partnered up with All American Male due to their inability to sell enough tickets to have their own weekly show and AAMale sells their tickets for the same show $5 cheaper than Savage Men.

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