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Hens Party and hens night ideas. The most FAQ

Q: What separates a good male revue show from a bad one, and what should we look for in a club hosting a male revue?

A: Talent, Venue and production. These 3 variables can make or break a show. 

Talent: The main reason why you go is to see great looking men. The male strippers all should be gorgeous guys with beautiful bodies and have personality and charisma to match their looks. Most groups have their own websites so be sure and see the dancers online that will be at the show.

Venue: The club hosting the show should be a space designed for live performances. A stage, great lighting, comfortable seating and of course an inviting decor. The better revues are usually hosted by an upscale nightclub with all the amenities to enhance the experience. Check out this hens night venue in Sydney, this is a great example of a good venue.

Production: The show should be a mix of not only men stripping but stripping WELL. There is an art to this, and you will see what we mean when you see a dancer who is polished and experienced vs. a cheesy amateur. The better shows all have choreographed numbers that incorporate dancing, humor and lots of sex appeal.

Q: What should we bring with us to the show or club ?

A: First, leave your inhibitions home…this is ladies night! All you need to have is your imagination and your girlfriends. The show will provide you with the rest. But come prepared with lots of DOLLAR BILLS!!!!! -This makes for a great time believe us.

Q: What kind of preparations should we make?

A: First make sure you make a reservation, otherwise you run the risk of the show being sold out when you get there.

Plan ahead by calling the club or buying your tickets online in advance.

If you are in a group and will be drinking-rent a limo to ensure getting to and from the venue safely. Try and also arrive early to get a good seat, it’s sometimes first come first serve.

Bring dollar bills for tipping the dancers and waiters and enough for the bachelorette or birthday girl too.

Bring a camera and capture that kodak moment!

Q: We want to do something special for the bachelorette, what should we do and how do we arrange this so we can make sure it is a memorable night?

A: The best thing to do is call the club or group directly and tell them. Most clubs already have something available that they do just for special occasions. They can arrange just about anything so be sure to inquire when you make your reservations.


Advice, Tips and Suggestions


Pure Excitement for Ladies!


No party is complete without dancing & music. Nor is it complete if someone is not dancing for your guest.

Celebrate at your home, apartment or club with these terrific suggestions that will help your evening be a total sensation! Be sure to your research and by trolling through internet and looking up hens night Brisbane or something the relates to your location of the hens.


Types of entertainment to consider:


Male Revue Clubs  lend more excitement to the evening. Before going to a Male Revue Club, make sure you have called ahead and asked if they have any special promotions or discounts for “Bachelorette or Girls night Out” party groups. Be sure to ask if prices include food, decorations, drinks, a private dancer and private room. Have lots of dollar bills ready !! For more information on hens nights visit


Traveling out of town for your party:


Planning ahead is very important especially during the holidays. Have a fun slumber party with gags, gifts and party games. Choose a hotel that is walking distance  to the next party stop i.e. the club, restaurant or Male Revue Club, so you do not get lost.& everyone is together. Start gathering information for the best rates on the Internet ( travel agent (before revealing day of travel ask agent to give you the price on the bottom of their list for the month of travel )

Transportation: This can be a real issue during the holidays. Car service, Taxi and Limousine should be pre-arranged for pick up at least 3 days in advance. Or they may not be available. Airlines have the best  rates 30-22 days before your date of arrival.

For more info on Male strip clubs visit:

For more info on Male revue’s visit:

Designated driver: should not be one of the party goers unless they do not drink and do not mind driving around until the party ends.

Consider renting: a limo or a mini van/bus with driver, it is a great way for everyone one to travel safely & arrive together. Do not Drink & Drive. 

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