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Find Strippers on Snapchat

Strippers on Snapchat

Do you want to release all your stress and be entertained? You don’t have to work in a club, bar, or entertainment establishment to work as a female or male stripper. Yes, in case, you haven’t heard yet, there are strippers on Snapchat. You can satisfy all your sensual desires and still live a normal life just by staying on Snapchat.

Check out Magic Men male strippers on Snap chat here

Alternatively, when boredom strikes you because of the crisis, work stress, and lack of time to go out partying, you can wash it all away by looking for strippers on Snapchat.

Advantages of Strippers on Snapchat

There are lots of reasons that prevent a person from going out with friends and enjoy stripping. Some people find it too risque even if it is just safe, clean, fun. If you don’t want to be judged by your peers, you can use Snapchat to break away from the stigma. Here are the advantages of finding or being a stripper on Snapchat. Yes, you can actually do that!

  • Hassle-Free

All you need to do is to browse your Snapchat and create a status about your desire for stripping. You do not need to undergo the long process of booking, with your click, your clients will find you.

  • You can Earn

In this time of crisis when most conventional businesses are closed, you should be practical and be resourceful to earn income. In Snapchat, they offer Snapcash, where you can earn based on your audience and advertisement. It can fuel your passion and enjoyment while earning a decent living.

  • Share your Knowledge.

Most people see stripping as a job that only satisfies sensual desires. You can break these misconceptions and introduce the ideas and the importance of stripping in the art industry.

  • Enjoy the Free Advertisement.

The most significant advantage of Snapchat is that it is entirely free. The only investment you make is your effort and time. You can reach your target clients, and you can also give pleasure and entertain them. Alternatively, you get pleasure in return, too!

  • You have a direct connection with your audience.

For strippers, Snapchat is a new marketing strategy that allows you to connect and interact with your audience. You can also convert your social media account into a business platform. What more can you wish for, you are entirely free in stripping on Snapchat.

  • There is no room for stale profile

You develop your own profile, and it is up to you to make it lively and attractive. You can also create fantastic stripping content and talk about your experiences, and testimonies. It all depends on your style, art preference, and creativity.

  • One-on-One Communication

You can focus on your clients and interact with them with ease. You can show your life in person, your routines, and behind the scenes information about stripping. You create engaging content and share your ideas with other people. You can also use Snapchat to look for your fellow strippers.


Stripping on Snapchat is something that more and more people are considering. It is practical, hassle-free, and convenient. It allows you to promote your passion and artistry. It can boost your self-confidence and easily achieve your client’s demands. You can also influence other people to look at the creativity of entertaining via stripping.…

How Much do Male Strippers Make?

How much money do male strippers make?

Male strippers doing private booking can earn anywhere between $200  – $800 per night, with most bookings only being on the weekend. Usually 1 night, the Saturday night, is the most common night where most of the money is earnt.

What Do Stripper/Exotic Dancers Do?

Most of the male strippers I have known have had day jobs and stripping is something they do on the side.  Their income comes from three main sources:  base pay, lap dances and tips.  On average, male strippers make less than female strippers.  Is the work and time they have to put into a stripping career worth the amount of money they actually make?  Let’s find out.

How do male strippers make their money?

Most male strippers make their money from three sources:  base pay, tips and lap dances.  The base pay can vary in different markets. It can also vary if you have a large following who will go to the bar, pay the cover and buy drinks.

Looking for find out more about male strippers in Sydney? Check out our blog.

Is burlesque stripping?

Is burlesque stripping?

A common question we get asked is, is burlesque stripping?

The short answer is No. But it does include having not much clothes on and dancing.

Burlesque and stripping are sisters but not twins.  One strips when doing burlesque.  One can even choose to be referred to as a stripper if one dances burlesque.  The way in which strippers in strip clubs are compensated make it very different from burlesque.  The historical and performance elements of burlesque make it very different from stripping.  Burlesque is an on stage performance piece.  Strippers are  independent contractors who  must “always be selling” the fantasy of their flirty attention to the customers.

Traditionally, burlesque is a type of variety show that is both provocative and comedic. It features a female chorus and solo dances, plus bawdy, slapstick skits and songs. And yes, it may feature striptease acts, but not necessarily.

Burlesque comes from the Italian and means “mockery.” Historically, it was used to refer to an array of entertainment that used caricature, ridicule, and distortion. The word was first used in the 1500s by the Italian Francesco Berni, who called his operas burleschi.

not all burlesque involves taking off clothes. Delores, who books all the acts for Volupte and is the boss of The Kitten Club, has never been known to remove anything during any act. Burlesque means a parody, a send-up, or to turn on its head, none of which technically require any sort of nudity. Additionally, most clubs will mix burlesque acts with cabaret anyway.

Also, stripping is more complicated than it looks and there’s no “just” about it; fair play to you if you can make money doing it, because I sure as hell wouldn’t be able to (not that any strip joint would be daft enough to let me try, but still). And don’t even get me started about how difficult pole dancing is.

And finally, yes, there is a large strand in burlesque which is what we have nasty tendency to call “pretty stripping”, i.e. strip tease. But that’s strip tease, not stripping. These two things are actually very different in a number of key ways, so I thought I’d set out a few points to clarify for the apparently vast numbers of people that think we provide gladrags for stripclubs and that I spend all my time in topless bars. Why anyone would think I needed more boobs in my life after work, I have no idea! For more on male strippers visit our top 7 stripping companies in Sydney.



Top 7 Male Stripper Companies In Sydney.

Male Strippers Sydney

Are you hosting a hens party in the near future with plans to indulge in some adult entertainment during the evening? If so, you are not alone: adult male entertainment is an incredibly popular choice for hens parties, as it allows the ladies on the guest list to indulge in some old fashioned fun. However, do you know the difference between a male strip club, revue strip show, and private entertainer when it comes to including them on your hens night party plans? The following guide will help you understand the key differences between these types of adult male entertainment.

At male strippers review, we review the best male stripper companies in Sydney in order. When hiring male strippers there is lots to consider. Luckily for you we have done the leg work for you.

Magic Men Male Strippers Sydney

Nestled next to the picturesque Darling Harbour and 5 minutes from the heart of Sydney’s CBD, you’ll find the states hottest male entertainers every Saturday night! Hosted at one of Sydney’s premium venues: HOME THE VENUE, you’re guaranteed a steamy night out full of fun and excitement. Featuring the best in light and sound production, Magic Men’s ‘Feel the Magic’ show is not something you want to miss!

From the moment you enter, you’ll be greeted by the best Topless Waiters in Sydney, ready to take you to your seats and bring you your glass of bubbles before the show even begins. You can expect sensual routines, cheeky topless waiters and memories to last a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Hen’s Night for your bestie, organising a same-sex stag do or you’re just looking for a spectacular Girls Night Out, then look no further than our Magic Men show! With packages starting from $35pp, there is no excuse to miss the show of the century!  With a perfectly elevated stage, you’re guaranteed to see our Magic Men from every angle, and we mean every angle!

Do you desire to throw a bachelorette party or have the perfect hens night in Sydney? Then our magic men should be the perfect icing for your cake. Professional and irresistibly hot, our male strippers and topless waiters will give your guests a time of their lives. Our magic men are passionate and well trained.

This is evident from their well-ripped bodies and endless exciting dance moves that will leave your girls looking with both eyes plus their mouths. We understand that hitting the male strip club may not be the first choice for everyone hence our magic men can visit you at home or private venue to put up a tailored show for your hen party or your few guests.

Our topless waiters are masters at serving your guests, and the best part is, every service is accompanied by an enchanting physical feature that will keep your guests
ordering more rounds. You can contact us today for a magical party and entertainment experience in Sydney that will forever remain in the minds of whoever is in attendance. We guarantee unforgettable shows to spice up your night.

Men in Action Male strippers Sydney

If you and the girls are planning a hens night in New south wales then the night would not be complete without a male strip show. There are several different packages that any girl may want to consider when going out on a hens night with all your girl friends.

Hen nights out in NSW can take on the form of a limousine that can take you around the Sydney harbourr region and Central Business District of the city while you and your hens sip champagne. For a truly unforgettable night you will always be looking forward to the main highlight of the evening – when the strippers turn up.

The male strippers in Sydney can make your evening with the girls complete and make for a perfect finale to any girls night out. At some point in your great evening out you may well want to have a meal or a dinner with style. Try and enjoy a VIP dinner dressed up in burlesque gear and dance away those calories you may have eaten at the dinner table in true sexy style.

If you really want that ultimate hens night experience then head down to the harbour where you will find great restaurants, hot clubs and Men in Action who will provide you and your hens with stripper-grams to complete your night.

Male Strip Club Sydney

The males on stage are captivating and are simply spectacular. They will of course bring out the best feelings for bride-to-be and for male strip shows. This will simply be a big night out that let you enjoy the show completely.The male strippers are there ready to perform show-stopping and intimate routine. They will also stay to have your photos taken with you. And thus, the party will be filled with the best performance. The weekend will thereby be completed with the male strip shows.Booking make strip shows is indeed an excellent way of creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere to ensure that the night will go off with a bang. The male strippers will be there to make the celebration extra special.Another impressive thing about the male strip shows is that they will let you experience the incredible moves of these gorgeous and talented men.

If you live in Sydney and are into men, then we have the male strippers you have been looking for.
At the sydney male strip club, we offer quality male entertainment service and have the most exotic male strippers in all of Sydney. Each one of our male strippers is very well groomed and highly talented. Whether you are turned on by a man’s charm or his dancing skills, we have both of those qualities and more, in our handsome hunks.
If you have a hen’s night coming up soon, then it’s a great occasion to book one of our male strippers to perform for you and your hens.
Call us right away!

Sydney Male Strippers

Here is a list commonly asked questions about our Sexy Male strippers

1. How much are your male strippers in Sydney?
Prices Start at $250. Each stripper’s price varies depending on how far they have to travel to your event.

2. How do I know which strippers are close to my area?
We can’t say where the male strippers live but they are in the Sydney area, so the best thing to do is choose three to five strippers that you like and call us for pricing and availability.

3. Are there any travel fee’s I will be asked to pay?
We include all travel fees in the price quote for each male stripper in Sydney If you are asked for an extra travel fee, please call us and let us know. You do not owe an extra travel fee.

4. How do we pay for the male stripper in Sydney?
Your male stripper will be collecting cash payment in full, upon arrival to the party.

5. Will I be given a receipt for payment?
Yes, we can provide a receipt of the deposit to Men in Action.

Are you going to have fun at a hens party? If yes, then go for bachelorette party games that are available at our online store at affordable prices. Whether you are going out to the club or you are having a home bachelorette party, there are tons of bachelorette party games to play with the girls – dick head hooplas, kiss my pecker games, buzzed bands drinking games, and other drinking games, social games, adult games, and others. Here we stock all of the bachelorette party games available.

Bare nights Male Strippers

f you are in Sydney especially ladies and young women and you have not spent little of your time with the exceptional Sydney male strippers at Bare Nights then, you have not enjoyed the peak of the fun in Sydney. Also, if you organize a party in Sydney with the exclusion of hot male strippers then, your party will not feature the best entertainment because male strippers in Sydney especially those at Bare Nights are trained to tease, seduce, entertain and keep party guest at the peak of the fun.

At Bare Nights, we are fully aware that organizing a perfect party is a big deal and the need for perfect party booster is a necessity, our hunk male strippers are all handpicked for their hot bodies, capability and amazing characters that can make ladies and women in your party feel great and fully entertained. They are unique and have the ability to introduce magic touch to parties. They are well trained to entertain your guest and bring a smile out of the face of everyone presents. At Bare Nights, we provide the highest level of service and can as well work with your plan and personalize our service to your specific requirements. Be rest assured that making your party the talk of the town is our business. When it comes to male entertainment no one is better than us at delivering the best!

MML Sydney

Australia’s No.1 Male Strip Club Comes To Sydney

Get ready to blush, scream, and have an amazing time with sexy Magic Men strippers!

Nestled next to scenic Darling Harbor and 5 minutes from the heart of Sydney’s CBD, you’ll get to experience the hottest and sexiest men of the states every Saturday night at HOME THE VENUE!

Whether you are in for your hen’s party or would like to fulfil your night with great entertainment, grab your girls and get them along to the hottest male strip show! Magic Men’s “Feel The Magic” show will give you a steamy night out full of fun and excitement.

“And, you definitely don’t want to miss this show of your lifetime!”

As you enter, you’ll be greeted by finely sculpted strippers and topless waiters in Sydney. They will take you to your seats and serve you your drinks to give the right start to your night.   

The packages start from $35 per person. You will enjoy a spectacular live performance, which are choreographed by real professionals specialized in the adult industry. With our skilled male strippers, you’ll be indulged in a night full of lustful fantasy.

With a perfectly elevated stage, you can see our sexy hot hunks from every angle. Yes, we mean it – every angle! *Wink*

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and treat yourself to a tantalizing, sexy striptease!    

Adult Bay

Male strippers are a great fun way to enjoy any event whether it be a birthday, private party or a hen night we guarantee our staff will be the highlight of your evening.

We provide Naked Butlers, Topless Waiters, Chefs and Male Entertainers to hire for Weddings, Hen Nights, Birthday Parties, Private or Special Events and Corporate Hospitality in Sydney, Australia.
Client Testimonials

“Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks to the boys for last night (Saturday 22nd January). I had a fantastic time at my party and you guys were brilliant. Thanks again and I would definitely recommend “Hunks in Trunks” to anyone!”

A Hen Night with – Topless Waiters, Shirtless Butlers and Male Strippers, hells yeah!

Our topless waiters and naked butlers are confident, polite and most of all professional in all that they do and guarantee to make your party, wedding or special event a memorable one. Check out our topless waiters, naked butlers and male entertainers here…

Terrific stuff! I don’t know what else to say about the lads other than WOW!
Fantastic fun and really were the life and soul of the party. Boys were so polite and even cleaned up and did the dishes. Thank you!”

“Thanks to all the topless butlers, your boys were just brilliant.”
“Made the evening!‎‎ Thanks guys, both the girls and guys you supplied were great. Really made the evening and everyone had great fun. Will definitely use you again.”
“What a great bunch, great service that left a lot of smiles that lasted for days…”
“Thank you and when are you coming back?! You were such a hit at the wedding.”
Book a naked butler or topless waiter today with Hunks in Trunks, experts in providing male entertainers


Hens Party and hens night ideas. The most FAQ

Q: What separates a good male revue show from a bad one, and what should we look for in a club hosting a male revue?

A: Talent, Venue and production. These 3 variables can make or break a show. 

Talent: The main reason why you go is to see great looking men. The male strippers all should be gorgeous guys with beautiful bodies and have personality and charisma to match their looks. Most groups have their own websites so be sure and see the dancers online that will be at the show.

Venue: The club hosting the show should be a space designed for live performances. A stage, great lighting, comfortable seating and of course an inviting decor. The better revues are usually hosted by an upscale nightclub with all the amenities to enhance the experience. Check out this hens night venue in Sydney, this is a great example of a good venue.

Production: The show should be a mix of not only men stripping but stripping WELL. There is an art to this, and you will see what we mean when you see a dancer who is polished and experienced vs. a cheesy amateur. The better shows all have choreographed numbers that incorporate dancing, humor and lots of sex appeal.

Q: What should we bring with us to the show or club ?

A: First, leave your inhibitions home…this is ladies night! All you need to have is your imagination and your girlfriends. The show will provide you with the rest. But come prepared with lots of DOLLAR BILLS!!!!! -This makes for a great time believe us.

Q: What kind of preparations should we make?

A: First make sure you make a reservation, otherwise you run the risk of the show being sold out when you get there.

Plan ahead by calling the club or buying your tickets online in advance.

If you are in a group and will be drinking-rent a limo to ensure getting to and from the venue safely. Try and also arrive early to get a good seat, it’s sometimes first come first serve.

Bring dollar bills for tipping the dancers and waiters and enough for the bachelorette or birthday girl too.

Bring a camera and capture that kodak moment!

Q: We want to do something special for the bachelorette, what should we do and how do we arrange this so we can make sure it is a memorable night?

A: The best thing to do is call the club or group directly and tell them. Most clubs already have something available that they do just for special occasions. They can arrange just about anything so be sure to inquire when you make your reservations.


Advice, Tips and Suggestions


Pure Excitement for Ladies!


No party is complete without dancing & music. Nor is it complete if someone is not dancing for your guest.

Celebrate at your home, apartment or club with these terrific suggestions that will help your evening be a total sensation! Be sure to your research and by trolling through internet and looking up hens night Brisbane or something the relates to your location of the hens.


Types of entertainment to consider:


Male Revue Clubs  lend more excitement to the evening. Before going to a Male Revue Club, make sure you have called ahead and asked if they have any special promotions or discounts for “Bachelorette or Girls night Out” party groups. Be sure to ask if prices include food, decorations, drinks, a private dancer and private room. Have lots of dollar bills ready !! For more information on hens nights visit or male strippers sydney visit our other article.


Traveling out of town for your party:


Planning ahead is very important especially during the holidays. Have a fun slumber party with gags, gifts and party games. Choose a hotel that is walking distance  to the next party stop i.e. the club, restaurant or Male Revue Club, so you do not get lost.& everyone is together. Start gathering information for the best rates on the Internet ( travel agent (before revealing day of travel ask agent to give you the price on the bottom of their list for the month of travel )

Transportation: This can be a real issue during the holidays. Car service, Taxi and Limousine should be pre-arranged for pick up at least 3 days in advance. Or they may not be available. Airlines have the best  rates 30-22 days before your date of arrival.

For more info on Male strip clubs visit:

For more info on Male revue’s visit:

Designated driver: should not be one of the party goers unless they do not drink and do not mind driving around until the party ends.

Consider renting: a limo or a mini van/bus with driver, it is a great way for everyone one to travel safely & arrive together. Do not Drink & Drive. 

Male strippers Review for Hens nights Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Ladies, are you having a difficult time finding the Best Male Strippers, Magic Men, Male Exotic Dancers “or a great Male Review show? Fear no more! We’ve created this national directory with ratings and other helpful information. This website is the only guide you will need to help you make the right selection in locating a Male Revue Show, club, or venue in your area…as well as guide you ladies as to where to go to celebrate your special events. BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN! 

If you are having a Bachelorette party, a birthday party, or a “Girls night out“, there is absolutely no need to look further for the Male Strip Club, Male Exotic Dancer or Male Strippers Show nearest you. We’ve done the research for you.

This website is designed and created based on past polls that our agents have taken throughout the years. Our company’s main objective is to supply survey and statistical information based on the opinions of many other women who have attended various male strip shows. Not only that, we’ve sent out our own network of agents to male revue shows all across the country to provide you with in-depth and unbiased reviews of the best and the worst male stripper shows around.


If your looking for a great male strip show in Sydney then check out Magic men live SYDNEY


Brisbane Offers great male strippers. By looking up Male strippers Brisbane you will find MML and LOST BAR in Fortitude Valley. A great place for hens parties that have a male revue every Saturday.

Just select the city or state you live in and you’ll find the Best Male Review Night Club nearest you! Ladies, the men have been doing it for years…it’s about time you get together your girlfriends and have that “girls night out” or bachelorette party at a Male Revue Club nearest you. Our directory will not only help you find the very BEST places to go to but also the places to avoid!